LumiCeuticals therapy at My Body Studio

Your body is affected by everything around you, including light energy. With the proper light and frequencies around your body, you can gain great health benefits.

Using light energy, harmonic light is delivered to the body, essentially "tuning" you to the right frequency. LumiCeuticals has been cleared by the FDA as a treatment for muscle tension, wrinkles, fine lines and a number of other ailments.

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What can you expect during treatment?

What can you expect during treatment?

LumiCeuticals is a fairly simple treatment and helps with a wide range of ailments. When you come in for treatment, you can expect:

  • A 30-minute session with 20 minutes of light treatment
  • Blue, red and infrared light to be used on stressed areas of your body
  • Bodily frequencies to change after being exposed to the light
Up to 99 frequencies are available for use, based on the specific issues being addressed. Email us today to set up a consultation.