Learn the exercises and teach them to others

Learn the exercises and teach them to others

There is a need for more Pilates teachers worldwide as the fitness method grows in popularity. At My Body Studio, you can learn every aspect of Pilates, as well as the ability to teach it to others.

We provide classical Pilates training from Pure Body Studio, based on the teachings created by Joseph Pilates to train his first proteges. The program lasts for nine weekends and features 600 classroom hours and 600 mentorship hours. The total cost for training is $6,300, and payment plans are available.

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Take a look at this video:

Pure Body Pilates training video

What do you get from Pure Body teacher training?

The worldwide training program that is used at My Body Studio is designed to give you the best physical results, as well as the knowledge required to instruct others on Pilates. During the program, you will get:

  • Nine weekends of classes
  • Free continuing education for life
  • Training on every area of the body
  • Three detailed modules covering every aspect of Pilates
  • Knowledge of how to do the workouts and how to teach them
  • Professional-grade training from hand-picked trainers